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Oriental Bittersweet
If you suspect you have Oriental bittersweet on your property or have seen it on public land, please do the following:
  • Note the exact location 
  • If it is possible, take digital photos of the leaves, fruit, and vine 
  • Notify MDA by email at or voicemail at (888) 545-6684 

To learn more about the Oriental bittersweet eradication program in Winona County, please contact Jake Overgaard at Winona County Extension by email, or phone (507) 457-6440. To learn more about the Minnesota’s statewide noxious weed eradication program, contact Emilie Justen at, or phone (651) 201-6360.

For more information about Oriental bittersweet:
What do the Holidays and Invasive Species have in common? Oriental bittersweet.

Map of Oriental Bittersweet Confirmed Sites in Winona County