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Jail Advisory Committee Assessment Report

In August of 2016, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) reclassified the Winona County Jail from a Class III facility to a Class II 90 day lock up. The DOC cited the inability of the facility to meet current standards.

The change in classification requires the Sheriff to transport certain prisoners to other facilities raising County costs. The DOC has not said how long they will allow the jail to function as a Class II 90 day lock up before they downgrade its classification again. Should that occur, additional transportation costs will be incurred by the County.

To help the County understand the needs of the community as they relate to the jail, the County Board appointed a Jail Advisory Committee. The committee’s mission is:

To review alternatives to the current jail facility and related programs including doing nothing, remodeling, continued reliance on regional partners, building a new facility or some combination thereof and provide a written needs assessment as generally specified by the National Institute of Corrections to the Winona County Board of Commissioners which can be used as a foundation for facility program development.

Jail Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas and Meeting Notes:

01-23-2018 Agenda
01-23-2018 Meeting Notes
01-23-2018 Presentation Material

03-27-2018 Agenda
03-27-2018 Meeting Notes

05-22-2018 Agenda
05-22-2018 Meeting Notes

06-26-2018 Agenda & Handout
06-26-2018 Meeting Notes

07-31-2018 Agenda, Handouts & PowerPoint
07-31-2018 Meeting Notes

08-28-2018 Agenda
08-28-2018 Handouts
08-28-2018 Data Discussion Guide

09-25-2018 Meeting Notes

10-30-2018 Agenda, Handouts & PowerPoint
10-30-2018 Meeting Notes

11-27-2018 Agenda and Handouts
11-27-2018 Meeting Notes

12-18-2018 Agenda
12-18-2018 Meeting Notes

01-29-2019 Agenda
01-29-2019 Meeting Notes