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Rain Garden Mini-Grants Available for County Residents

The County of Winona is providing funding and instructional guidance for residential property owners who would like to install a demonstration rain garden. A 50% cost-share grant, up to a maximum of $250, will be available for award to five residents living in Winona County, outside the City of Winona. The rain gardens must be visible to passersby and serve as a resource to promote rain gardens within the community. Grant applications will be accepted beginning October 15, 2017. Applicants must develop a garden plan and sign an agreement to complete the project. The rain garden must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years, with periodic review by project staff. A selection committee will award grants based on site location, amount of runoff to be reduced and public visibility of the garden.

  • Garden site is located outside the City of Winona, on a residential parcel
  • The project budget is reasonable and the rain garden is installed during the growing season immediately following award of the grant.
  • The garden will be dominated by hardy perennial plants (native plants highly recommended).
Eligible Expenses
  • Labor and equipment costs
  • Native perennial plants, seeds, or live stakes
  • Materials to connect the impervious area to rain garden
  • Shredded wood mulch
  • Soil amendments that increase infiltration capacity
Click HERE for additional resources on rain gardens including steps for planning and installing.

Winona County Rain Gardens 2017 Application