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Winona Share The Road

A campaign to heighten safety with pedestrians, bikers and motorists
Brought to you by: PartnerSHIP and Winona Health

It’s that time of the year again where students start school and travel back and forth across our community.

We are sending out a friendly reminder to be extra diligent when driving during the hours of 8am-3pm. Many of our students (both young and older) walk and bike to school, and while we all have our places to be, it is important that we as a community look out for each other.

Tips for bikers:
  • Follow the law – obey all traffic signs and signals. Ride in the same direction as traffic
  • Be predictable – maintain a straight course and avoid weaving between parked cars
  • Communicate your intent – look and yield to traffic, signaling before turning or changing lanes
Tips for walkers:
  • Look before you cross – make eye contact with drivers and clearly show your intentions to cross
  • Make yourself visible – stand clear of bushes, buses and other obstacles that can block views of the driver
  • Cross in well-lit areas – wear bright colored clothing
  • Avoid dangerous behaviors like texting while crossing the street
  • Don’t just rely on traffic signals – watch for all moving vehicles
Tips for motorists:
  • Stop for pedestrians at cross walks
  • Watch for pedestrians at all times – scan the road ahead for pedestrians
  • Avoid distracted and aggressive driving

For resources, please refer to Live Well Winona’s resource page: