Current Job Openings at the Winona WorkForce Center

Winona County Workforce Development Board

 Executive Director - Job Description


Reports to:                 Directly - Winona County Workforce Development Board (WDB)

Indirectly - Winona County Administrator


Classification:           Part Time (through providing agency or firm)


Position Summary

This is a parttime position, hired by Winona County on behalf of the Winona County Workforce Development Board. The position is directly accountable to Winona County Workforce Development Board (WDB) and then the Winona County Administrator.

The WDB Executive Director is responsible for the overall organizational administration of the Winona County WDB and its committees implementing the requirements and deliverables of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) legislation. The position is responsible for providing support of the WDB’s organizational strategy and business operations.  This includes oversite of the Workforce Center One-Stop-Operator (OSO), their service programs and adherence to fiscal constraints. Areas of responsibility include planning and evaluation, policy development and administration, fiscal oversite, and public relations.


Detailed Responsibilities

Management and Administration

  • Develop and facilitate an active planning process for organizational goals and objectives consistent with the mission and vision of the WDB as stipulated with the WIOA legislation.
  • Develop and administer WDB operational policies.
  • Oversee the OSO implementation and execution of all programs, services, and activities to ensure that program objectives are met.
  • Ensure fiscal compliance with funding sources and WIOA regulatory requirements by the OSO.
  • Provide information for evaluation of the organization’s activities.
  • Provide coordination of regional WDB activities between Winona County Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) 18 and LWDA 8, keeping the Executive Board informed of activities, efforts and communication.
  • Some travel within the Regional Workforce Development Board (RWDB) 6 area as directed by the WDB Executive Board.


  • Oversee and monitor annual budgets and grants flowing through County and OSO as directed.
  • Ensure transparency, effective audit trails, and oversight.
  • Oversee OSO proper fiscal record keeping and reporting.
  • Work with OSO to submit monthly financial statements to the Executive Board and County (Fiscal Agent).
  • Work with OSO to prepare and submit grant applications and funding proposals as appropriate.


  • Assess OSO leadership and direction to maintain a satisfied and qualified staff, reporting back to WDB Executive Board when OSO service to business and public is in question.
  • Develop and monitor WDB succession planning strategies.
  • Assist WDB Executive Board in recruitment and seating of board members in compliance with WIOA directives.

Board and Regional Relations

  • Establish strong relationships with Winona County Work Force Board members, as well as working partnerships with the Winona County and representatives from RWDB 6.  
  • Assist the Executive Board in planning the agenda and materials for board meetings and events.
  • Oversee administration of board meetings, actions, and special events.
  • Initiate and assist in developing policy recommendations and in setting priorities.
  • Facilitate the orientation and training of all new board directors.
  • Support the development of individual board members.
  • Staff and or support board committees as appropriate.

Community and Public Relations

  • Establish and maintain relationships with local elected officials, legislators, and congressperson to educate and promote workforce development initiatives.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with other professional/community organizations involved in workforce development, education, and economic development.
  • Work with the WDB to identify, establish, and maintain liaison with professional organizations, community groups, and government organizations that are critical to the success of the WDB and the Work Force Center (WFC).
  • Serve as the primary voice of the organization to the general public, media, etc., promoting a positive image and understanding of the organization’s purpose and goals.
  • Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with WorkForce Center OSO, DEED, County social service, employers, schools, colleges, organized labor, chambers of commerce, communitybased organizations, and economic developers to promote the integration of WFC services.

Other duties

  • Other assigned duties by County or WDB in support of the overall mission of the WDB.


Qualifications and Expectations

The Executive Director must:

  • Be comfortable working with a board of diverse private, public and non-profit professionals and taking direction from the WDB Executive Chair or designee(s).
  • Be comfortable working in a team environment, with the board executive committee, and the board as a whole or in committees.
  • Be able to exercise situational leadership skills ranging from task management to strategic leadership.
  • Be able to compose clear and concise written correspondences and emails, as well as reports on work status and accomplishments.
  • Be experienced at overseeing administrative tasks in a timely and organized manner.
  • Have experience in private, governmental or nonprofit management, with at least [three] years at an executive staff level.
  • Possess significant knowledge of the field of relevant subjects and the issues that currently affect the WDB, WFC OSO and workforce system.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills that are reflected in an ability to interact professionally with all levels of OSO staff, as well as executives from professional organizations and people in the community.
  • Possess the ability to work through joint power systems to accomplish goals.
  • Possess organizational skills that will facilitate managing independent work efficiently, as well as working on several projects simultaneously, each at a different level of development.
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills within the spectrum of one-on-one to group presentations.
  • Be able to handle changes and challenges in a positive and graceful manner.
  • Be able to effectively provide ongoing support and to the WDB while on official business at outoftown locations.
  • Possess a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in administration/management, or ten plus years of executive level experience within a relevant profession.


Contact: Craig Porter