Winona County

Veterans Van

Transport Program



Winona County is committed in promoting the interests and welfare of its veterans by assisting them in accessing their medical benefits through the Veterans Van Transport Program. Please keep in mind the following important program information:


  • On even-numbered days, Monday-Friday excluding holidays, transportation is available to the Minneapolis VA Medical Center as well as the Rochester VA Clinic.


  • On odd-numbered days, Monday-Friday excluding holidays, transportation is available to the Tomah VA Medical Center and the VA River Valley Outpatient Clinic and Integrated Health Center in La Crosse.


  • Van trips are scheduled in advance and only occur on days a veteran(s) schedules a transportation request. If there are no requests from Veterans for transportation, there is no transportation scheduled for that day.


  • Contact the Winona County Veteran Services Office at 507-457-6455 as soon as you know the date, time, department and VA medical facility regarding your appointment. County staff will ask for your personal appointment information along with your phone number. Please have this information available when you call.


  • There are times a medical procedure requires someone to be with you for the rest of the day. In these cases, a family member will be allowed to travel with you as space permits.


  • Contact the Winona County Veterans Service Office the day prior to your trip to confirm the departure time. The departure time is determined by the first appointment of the day. Return to Winona is determined by the last appointment of the day. At times, there are as many as four or five veterans riding in the van. Also, there are days only one veteran is riding in the van. The van will return to Winona after all veterans have completed their scheduled appointments.


  • Van departure location is in the rear parking lot of the Winona VFW located at 208 East Third Street in downtown Winona. If you need to leave a personal vehicle in the parking lot during the day, the van driver will provide a parking pass to be placed on the dash board. This will avoid the vehicle being towed.


  • Contact the Winona County Veterans Service Office if there is a change or cancellation of your appointment.


Winona County purchased the van for our veterans and is responsible for the maintenance and insurance for this vehicle. The stipend the van driver receives comes from contributions from the Winona County community and from veterans utilizing the van.


We request a nominal contribution for travel on the van if you are receiving either travel pay based upon your service-connected disability or receiving VA pension benefits. If you are not receiving travel pay, we ask for an in-kind contribution.


We ask veteran’s to contribute the following travel pay reimbursement amounts to the Winona County Veterans Van Program when using the van:


  • Travel to Minneapolis: $50.00
  • Travel to Tomah: $40.00
  • Travel to Rochester: $30.00
  • Travel to La Crosse: $30.00
  • Travel to Rochester from St. Charles: $20.00
  • Travel to other Choice Program locations: Negotiable based upon location




Revised: March 2018