Driver's License Fees

All fees include a $1 technology surcharge (except those asterisked***) - Reference: Minnesota Statutes, section 171.06.
Effective January 1, 2014, the driver’s license filing fee, which pays for the costs of the services provided in the driver’s license/ID card issuance process, increased from $5 to $8, as required by Minn. Stat. 171.061, HF 1444, Chapter 117. Fees listed below include this increase.
*Available at driver exam stations only
**Fee does not include the cost of a new license
***Fee does not include a $1 technology surcharge (The $1 technology surcharge is not applicable for reinstatement fees)


Driver’s Licenses
Class A, regular $45.25
Class A, under age 21 $25.25
Class B, regular or under age 21 $37.25
Class C, regular or under age 21 $30.25
**School Bus Processing Fee - original and renewal applications $4
Class D, regular or under age 21 $26.25
Provisional Driver’s License $17.25
Class D Provisional License upgrade to under age 21 driver’s license-no violations on record ($3.50 credit) $22.75
Duplicate Driver’s License - all classes $15.75
**Enhanced Driver's License (in addition to applicable Driver's License card fee) $15

Identification Cards
Under Age 65 $20.25
***Age 65 and Older $16.50
***Physical Disability, Developmental Disability or Qualified Mental Illness $.50
**Enhanced Identification Card (in addition to applicable ID card fee) $15

Class D Instruction Permit (valid for 2 years) $14.25
*Class A, B or C Instruction Permit no fee
*Endorsement Examination Fees $2.50
*Motorcycle Instruction Permit/Endorsement Fee $21
*Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal (2-wheel only) $13
**Standby or Temporary Custodian Designation $4.25
**Expedited (Fast Track) Services Fee
Driver's License and Identification Card
Note: Driver's License or Identification Cards will be processed within three (3) business days. Customer should receive the card via UPS (United Parcel Service) within 10 business days. Refer to the
DVS Office Locations Map to see participating offices.
Reinstatement Fee
**Revoked licenses
Alcohol/Drugs/Criminal Vehicular Operation (Effective 7/1/03)
Other Offenses , including No-fault Insurance Revocation $30
**Suspended license $20
No-Fault Insurance (suspended) $20
CDL Disqualification $20
***Motorized Bicycle Operator’s Permit Fee
*Knowledge test and 30-day instruction permit $6.75
Motorized Bicycle Operator’s Permit before age 21 and valid to age 21 $9.75
Duplicate Permit $5.25
Renewal, age 21 or older $15.75
Retesting Fee
*Third and Subsequent Knowledge Test after failing first two $10
*Third and Subsequent Skills Test after failing first two $20