Winona County Detention Center

Winona County Detention Center
Main Jail: (507) 457-6503
Jail Annex: (507) 457-6590
Jail Administrator: (507) 457-6377
Jail Programs: (507) 457-6591

Inmate Message Line: (507) 452-9970


Reference: Public Fingerprinting

Public can call 457-6390 to set up public fingerprints. They must wear a mask, have a valid picture ID, and each printed card is $10.00 that needs to be paid in the public kiosk in the front lobby.


Reference: Law Enforcement Center Access
Date: 3/18/2020

At this time, out of an abundance of caution, the Law Enforcement Center will temporarily be closed for public access due to the COVID-19 situation. The public can continue to call the Law Enforcement Center for service. There will be no disruption in emergency service response. The public is directed not to come to the Law Enforcement Center, but to access services via phone. The general phone number for the Law Enforcement Center is (507) 457-6368.


Reference: Jail procedures
Date: 3/13/2020

Due to the evolving public safety concerns and security concerns of the Winona County Jail the Winona County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a plan to address concerns associated with reducing the chances of the spread and exposure to COVID-19 in our correctional facility. Starting March 13,2020 the immediate steps are being taken by the Winona County Sheriff’s Office Jail:

Actions Taken by the Winona County Jail effective March 13.2020 and are in effect until further notice
  1. Cancel Public Fingerprinting
  2. Cancel Public Jail visitations
  3. Cancel Public jail tours
  4. Cancel Inmate Work Crews (STS)
  5. Cancel Jail Program Bible Study
  6. Cancel Jail Program NA
  7. Cancel Jail Program AA
The above actions being taken are for a nonspecific time frame and will be reviewed by Sheriff’s Office Administration with Public Safety and Institutional safety if and when they can be reinstated.