Farmers Park Facility Reservation Survey

 1. Name of facility reserved:
 2. Month and year of reservation:
 3. Rate the shelter/building cleanliness:

 4. Rate the barbecue/kitchen area:

 5. Rate the picnic tables:

 6. Rate the restrooms:

 7. Rate the drinking fountains:

 8. Rate the grounds:

 9. Rate the overall conditions:

 10. Rate the parking:

 11. Rate the handicap parking and access:

 12. Rate the ease of the reservation process:

 13. Rate the reservation policies:

 14. Rate the reservation forms:

 15. Rate the reservation information provided on County website:

 16. Rate the date availability:

 17. Rate the facility functionality:

 18. Rate the overall experience with Farmers Park:

 19. Please provide suggestions or comments to help us better serve you.