Mold Concerns
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Winona County does not conduct inspections of private property or rental units for mold; nor are we equipped to test for or verify if mold exists.  We provide consultation and education in an effort to help identify where water intrusion/moisture issues may exist in a home (the source of the mold growth); clean up from a mold problem; recommended repairs that may need to take place; and some changes to household living practices that may have an impact on the moisture levels in the home.

Usually a mold problem is identified through visually seeing its growth, and/or smelling a "musty" odor.  When a mold problem arises, the source of water/moisture must first be identified and corrected; porous materials involved must be removed (including drywall, carpet and padding, etc.); non-porous, scrubbable materials cleaned well; and areas thoroughly dried and maintained dry.

If you feel you are having health effects from a possible mold issue, please follow up with your medical provider. Mold in the living environment often causes respiratory symptoms.

If you wish to pursue contracting for a mold/indoor air quality inspection, please see the document "Guidelines for Selecting an Indoor Air Quality Consultant" listed below.