Winona County Misdemeanor Diversion Program
The Winona County Misdemeanor Diversion Program is an alternative to traditional court prosecution for those adults:
  • Who admit to violating the law;
  • Who have little or no prior or pending criminal history;
  • Who have the ability to follow the program components;
  • Who are remorseful; and
  • Who have the ability to make appropriate restitution to the victim and reparation to the community in a timely manner.
The Misdemeanor Diversion Program is also an option for individuals who have a citation for Driving After Revocation, Driving After Cancellation, or Driving After Suspension and would be able to get their license back within one year.

Offenders who are accepted into and successfully complete the Diversion Program will have the criminal charges against them dismissed.

If you would like to be considered for the Winona County Misdemeanor Diversion Program, please complete an application. Application forms can be obtained from the prosecutor, court administrator's office, at traffic court, or downloaded. Applications can also be submitted online by completing an online application.

Once you have submitted an application it will be forwarded to the Diversion Coordinator for review. Unless you are instructed otherwise, please continue to attend all future court hearings, but do not pay fines before a review decision is made (doing so will make you ineligible for the program).
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