Winona County Feedlot Program

A county feedlot program is established by the transferring of regulatory authority from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to the county. This transfer of authority is granted by statute and it allows the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to "delegate" administration of certain parts of the feedlot program to counties.

County feedlot programs have the responsibility for implementing state feedlot regulations including: registration; permitting; inspection; education and assistance; and compliance follow-up.

• The legislature provides funds to counties to implement state feedlot regulations and that the amount is primarily based on the number of feedlots in the county.

• The posted reports show the amount and kind of work that was done as well as the cost to perform the work.

• The County Feedlot Officer (CFO) should be contacted if there is interest in additional details.
Winona County Feedlot Officer       Winona County Assistant Feedlot Officer
Carly McGinty                                    Megen Kabele
(507)457-6580                                  (507) 457-6447 ;            

COVID-19 – MPCA Feedlot Guidelines (Dairy & Swine)
Feedlot Workshops
Feedlot Newsletters
Manure Management
*  Recordkeeping is required for all feedlot operators with 100 animal units or more who land apply manure. 
*  An annually updated manure management plan is required for feedlot operators with 300 animal units or more. 
Winona County Feedlot Forms
*Includes: Feedlot Registration Form, Feedlot Permit Application, Development Certificate Application, Conditional/Interim Use Application, Feedlot Change in Ownership Form, Feedlot Closure Form
Feedlot Toolbox: Additional Resources
Need to Know: Demolition
If you are planning on tearing down a barn or farm building, please read MPCA's Farmsteads & Solid Waste Factsheet. The factsheet explains proper disposal procedures and required actions.

Winona County Ordinance - See Chapter 8: Livestock Feedlots

MN Rules Chapter 7020: Feedlots

2020 Annual Report & Performance Credit Report

2020 Feedlot Program Financial Report

Feedlot Permits & Inspections