Winona County Recycling
A Note from the Coordinator,
Kudos to Winona County residents! You've made our curbside recycling program tops in the state in participation, and we thank you. Over the years we've worked hard to make the program easy for you, and the changes we're making in 2017 should build on that. The only place left for us to improve is in the quality of our recycling stream. Right now the contamination rate of our recycling stream is close to 8%. We think we can cut that in half to 4%, and make our program the "cleanest" recycling stream in the state, too. Reducing contamination now will reduce our long-term costs, so please review this "acceptable recyclables" list carefully. Then, you can help your family and friends get it too, and we all win!
Anne Morse, County Recycling Coordinator
(507) 457-6468  



Curbside Pick-Up

Multi-Family Recycling

Recycling Containers for Community Events

Electronics Recycling

Appliance Recycling

Fluorescent Bulbs

Tire Recycling Options (County Collection Discontinued) 

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