Winona County GIS Services

Winona County GIS maintains and provides GIS mapping applications for the public to interact with GIS data. The applications include a Parcel Search, Trails & Recreation, and E-911 site. Additional applications are currently being developed and will be added in the near future.

Mission: To work in partnership with all county agencies to provide accurate, consistent, accessible, and comprehensive GIS data, GIS infrastructure, and GIS services to support all communities in Winona County.

Vision: The premier provider of spatial information and GIS services for Winona County.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS is a mapping technology that has intelligent data behind the features (roads, parcels, parks, buildings) displayed on a map. GIS applications allow users to interact with the map and data using tools that are developed to analyze the geographic information. Example - GIS can be used to find out information about a property (parcel) – its geographic location, ownership, taxes, market values, soils, topography (elevation), land classification, wetlands, watershed, address, school district, etc.