Winona County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Ron Ganrude

It is the duty of the Winona County Sheriff to keep and preserve the peace of Winona County.  In furtherance of this goal, the Winona County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement coverage throughout Winona County's 625 square miles.  In addition to providing law enforcement coverage, the Sheriff's Office
  • Operates and oversees the County Jail;
  • Maintains communication and dispatch services between the public and law enforcement, fire, and ambulance personnel;
  • Patrols the waterways within Winona County, including the Mississippi River;
  • Coordinates with Winona County Emergency Management Service;
  • Coordinates numerous public safety and community programs;
  • Oversees a dedicated staff of 76 employees and 56 volunteers; and
  • Performs Search and Rescue operations.


Governor Walz’ Executive Order includes a “Stay at Home” order which goes into effect March 27, 2020 at midnight. The Order is good through Friday April 10, 2020. I am asking everyone to comply with the Governor’s Order.

Please do everything to PREVENT the spread of the virus. I am encouraging no unnecessary travel.


Permit to Purchase Instructions:
  1. Fill out application online. (application can be printed on line from Sheriff’s Office website)
  2. Make a photocopy of your driver license.
  3. Mail in completed application and photocopy of your driver license to Winona County Sheriff’s Office 201 W 3rd St Winona MN 55987.
  • Permits to purchase should only be sent to the Winona County Sheriff’s Office for residents who do not live in a jurisdiction that have their own police department. If you live in a jurisdiction with your own police department the permit to purchase application should be sent to that jurisdiction.

Permit to carry Instructions:
  1. Fill out application online. (application can be printed from Sheriff’s Office website)
  2. Make a photocopy of the driver license.
  3. Make a photocopy of your training certificate.
  4. Enclose a check or money order for:
    • ​​​​​​​$100 dollars for a new permit to carry
    • $75 dollars to renew a permit to carry (accepted 90 days prior or up to 30 days after your current permit’s expiration)
  5. Mail in the completed application, photocopy of driver license, photocopy of training certificate and check or money order to Winona County Sheriff’s Office 201 W 3rd St. Winona MN 55987. 
  • Any questions about the above process can be directed to 507-457-6368 or by emailing

Ron Ganrude
Winona County Sheriff


Reference: Law Enforcement Center Access
Date: 3/18/2020

At this time, out of an abundance of caution, the Law Enforcement Center will temporarily be closed for public access due to the COVID-19 situation. The public can continue to call the Law Enforcement Center for service. There will be no disruption in emergency service response. The public is directed not to come to the Law Enforcement Center, but to access services via phone. The general phone number for the Law Enforcement Center is (507) 457-6368.


Reference: Jail procedures
Date: 3/13/2020

Due to the evolving public safety concerns and security concerns of the Winona County Jail the Winona County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a plan to address concerns associated with reducing the chances of the spread and exposure to COVID-19 in our correctional facility. Starting March 13,2020 the immediate steps are being taken by the Winona County Sheriff’s Office Jail:

Actions Taken by the Winona County Jail effective March 13.2020 and are in effect until further notice
  1. Cancel Public Fingerprinting
  2. Cancel Public Jail visitations
  3. Cancel Public jail tours
  4. Cancel Inmate Work Crews (STS)
  5. Cancel Jail Program Bible Study
  6. Cancel Jail Program NA
  7. Cancel Jail Program AA
The above actions being taken are for a nonspecific time frame and will be reviewed by Sheriff’s Office Administration with Public Safety and Institutional safety if and when they can be reinstated.