Sale Procedure
Mortgage Foreclosure Sales are conducted by the Sheriff, or his designee, in an open bidding process. Sales are conducted at 10:00 in the Winona County Sheriff’s Office at 201 W 3rd Street, Winona MN 55987 (unless otherwise specified).

The mortgage company’s or plaintiff’s attorney will bid first. Following this bid, other bidders are given an opportunity to bid. A successful bidder must have cash or certified funds (payable to the Winona County Sheriff) available to pay the Sheriff’s Office at the time of the sale.

The successful bidder will receive a Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale that lists the name of the purchaser and the amount of the purchase.

Mortgage foreclosure sales are subject to a redemption period, which is usually six months but can be as short as five weeks or as long as one year. The length of the redemption period is noted in the sale notice.

Please be aware that sales can and have been postponed/cancelled with very little notice without adequate time to update the sale listings. If you wish to verify, please contact our office at (507) 457-6368.

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