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On behalf of the Winona County Board of Commissioners this department administers various services in the areas of community health, and social services. These services are administered pursuant to state law and rule under the supervision of the State of Minnesota.
Our Vision
Fosters healthy and stable communities
Our Mission
Enhances the health, well being, and self-sufficiency of all members of our communities
Our Values
Excellence:  We achieve excellence in all aspects of service delivery
Integrity:  We are dedicated to honesty, responsibility, and accountability
Compassion:  We serve our communities and each other with compassion, dignity, and respect

The USDA just approved the Minniestoa Department of Human Services' request for additional funds to help some individuals and families on SNAP during the COVID-19 crisis.  Current SNAP enrollees who ARE NOT receiving the maximum SNAP benefit amount for their household size will begin receiving additional funds.  You don't need to fill our any paperwork or do anything special to begin receiving the additional benefits.  It will automatically be added to your current benefit amount.  The benefits will be issued in both April and May.  April's benefits will be issued the last week in April and May's benefits will be issued in mid-May.
For more information on help with food during the COVID-19 emergency, visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services COVID019 Emergency Food website.

ApplyMN is a simple, secure Web application that connects you with state and county services to help meet your and your family's basic needs. You can use ApplyMN to apply for: breast and cervical cancer coveragecash assistancechild care assistance, emergency help, family planning, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and health care.

MNsure is the health insurance marketplace for Minnesotans to find and compare health plans, and choose the coverage that fits their needs. To learn more about MNsure, click here...