Acronyms List

AA - Affirmative Action also: Alcoholics Anonymous
AAS - Aging and Adult Services
AASD - Aging & Adult Services Division
ABAWD - Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents
ABAWDC - Able Bodied Adults Without Dependent Children
ABE - Adult Basic Education
ABR - AFDC Barrier Removal
AC - Alternative Care
ACS - Agency Collection System
ACS - Alternative Community-Based Services
ACCESS - Access to Child Care for Educational Support and Success
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
ADH - Administrative Disqualification Hearing
ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADL - Activities of Daily Living
ADP - Automated Data Processing
AFC - Adult Foster Care
AFCARS - Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System
AFDC - Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDC-UP - Aid to Families with Dependent Children - Unemployed Parent
AHIC - At-Home Infant Care
AMC - Association of Minnesota Counties
AMSSA - Association of Minnesota Social Service Accountants
AODA - Alcohol and other Drug Abuse
AP - Absent Parent
APD - Advanced Planning Document
APS - Alternative Payment System
AREERA - Agriculture Research, Extension, and Education Reform Act
AREP - Authorized Representative
ARMHS - Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
ARR - Annual Resident Review
ASFA - Adoption and Safe Families Act
ATP - Alternative to Placement Daycare
BC - Broadway Center
BCA - Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
BEER - Beneficiary Earnings and Exchange Record
BGSS - Block Grant for Social Services
BI - Brain Injured
BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder
BRASS - Budgeting, Reporting and Accounting for Social Services
BRS - Benefit Recovery System
BSF - Basic Sliding Fee
BWS - Battered Women's Shelter
CA - Continued Absence
CAC - Community Alternative Care Waiver/Community Alternatives for Children
CADI - Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals
CADL - Children’s Activities of Daily Living
CAF - Combined Application Form
CAFAS - Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale
CAP - Community Action Program
CBCL - Child Behavior Checklist
CBHH - Community Behavioral Health Hospital
CBP - County-based Purchasing
CCAP - Child Care Assistance Program
CCC - Communities Caring for Children
CCD - Citizens with Disabilities
CCDTF - Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund
CCM - Client Case Management
CCMA - Child Care Management Application
CCR&R - Child Care Resource & Referral
CCSA - Children's & Community Services Act
CD - Chemical Dependency
CDCS - Consumer-Directed Community Supports
CCDTF - Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund
CCSA - Children and Community Services Act
CCSG - Children and Community Services Grant
CCTS - Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports
CDPD - Chemical Dependency Program Division
CEP - Common Entry Point
CEU - Continuing Education Units
CFDA - Catalog of Domestic Assistance
CFL - Children, Families & Learning
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations also: County of Financial Responsibility
CFSR - Child and Family Service Reviews
CHB - Community Health Board
CHCO - Children's Home Care Option
ChIMHF - Children’s Integrated Mental Health Fund
CHIPS - Children in need of Protection of Services
CHP - Children's Health Plan
CIP - Community Investment Program
CLS - Community Living Services
CM - Combined Manual
CMIC - Central Minnesota Immunization Connection
CMH - Community Memorial Hospital - also Children’s Mental Health
CMHRS - Community Mental Health Reporting System
CMR - Case Management Review
CMS - Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COCC - Certificates of Creditable Coverage
COFARS - County Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
CP - Cerebral Palsy
CP - Child Protection
CPA - Client Placement Authorization
CPAT - County Performance Analysis Tool
CPI - Consumer Price Index
CPP - Concurrent Permanency Planning
CPS - Child Protective Services
CREST - Collaborative Resources Education Services Technology
CRF - Change Report Form
CRR - Continuing Reimbursement Review
CRU - Crisis Receiving Unit
CSED - Child Support Enforcement Division
CSG - Consumer Support Grant
CSIS - Community Services Information System
CSMD - Community Supports for Minnesotans with Disabilities
CSP - Community Support Program
CSR - Client Summary Report
CSS - Computer Support Systems
CSSA - Community Social Services Act
C&TC - Child And Teen Checkups
CTSS - Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports
CSV - Cash Surrender Value
CVT - Center for Victims of Torture
CWCDR - Child Welfare Client Detail Report
CWEP - Community Work Experience Program
CWT - Child Welfare Training
CW-TCM - Child Welfare-Targeted Case Management
CY - Calendar Year
DA - Diversionary Assistance
DA&A - Drug Addiction and/or Alcoholism
DAANES - Drug and Alcohol Normative Evaluation System
DAC - Developmental Achievement Centers
DBM - Department of Behavioral Medicine
DC - Day Care
DCFL - Department of Children, Families and Learning
DD - Developmental Disability
DDCM - Developmental Disability Case Management
DD-SILS - Developmental Disabilities Semi-Independent Living Services
DEFRA - Deficit Reduction Act of 1984
DES - Department of Economic Security
DFT - Distributed Function Terminal
DHS - Department of Human Services
DI - Disability Insurance
DJT - Department of Jobs & Training
DOC - Difficulty of care points used to set payment scale for Foster Parents
DOC - Department of Corrections
DOLI - Department of Labor and Industry
DOS- Department of State
DPA - Disproportionate Population Adjustment
DPDD - Division for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
DRA- Deficit Reduction Act
DRG - Diagnosis Related Group Classification System
DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
DT - Day Treatment
DT - Delirium Tremens
DT&H - Day Training and Habilitation
DWP - Diversionary Work Program
EA - Emergency Assistance - Families
EAB - Enumeration at Birth
EA-IFPS - Emergency Assistance-Intensive Family Preservation Services
EAP - Employee Assistance Program
EA-PS - Emergency Assistance Placement Services
EAR - Emergency Assistance Reserve
EBT - Electronic Benefit Transfer
ECSS - Economic and Community Support Strategies
EDP - Employability or Educational Development Plan
EF - Enhanced Funds
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
EGA - Emergency General Assistance
EGAMC - Emergency General Assistance Medical Care
EHS - Elderly Housing with Services
EIPS - Educational Institution Profile Sheet
EITC - Earned Income Tax Credit
EMA - Emergency Medical Assistance
EMSA - Emergency Minnesota Supplemental Aid
EMV - Estimated Market Value
EO - Equal Opportunities
EOMB - Explanation of Medical Benefits
EP - Employment Plan
EPSDT - Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
ER - Eligibility Review
ES - Employment Services
ESEA - Elementary & Secondary Education Act
ESI- Employer Subsidized Insurance
ESL - English as a Second Language
E&T - Employment and Training
EVS - Eligibility Verification System
EW - Elderly Waiver
FAS - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FBR - Federal Benefit Rate
FCS - Food & Consumer Services
FCSS - Family Community Support Services
FFC - Family Foster Care
FFP - Federal Financial Participation
FFS- Fee-For-Service
FFY - Federal Fiscal or Funding Year
FGA - Family GA
FIT- Families in Transition
FMLA - Family & Medical Leave
FMV - Fair Market Value
FNS - Food and Nutrition Service
FPA - Family Preservation Aid
FPG - Federal Poverty Guidelines
FPI - Fraud Prevention Investigation
FPL- Federal Poverty Level
FS - Food Stamps (Coupons)
FSE - Fiscal Support Entity
FSET - Food Stamp Employment & Training
FSGP - Family Support Grant Program
FSME - Food Support Management Evaluation
FSNE - Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program
FSP- Food Support Program
FTE - Full-Time Equivalent
FTROP - Federal Tax Refund Offset Program
FW - Financial Worker
GA - General Assistance
GA-EA - General Assistance-Emergency Assistance
GA-WR - General Assistance/Work Readiness Assistance
GAMC - General Assistance Medical Care
GD - Grant Diversion
GED - General Equivalency Diploma
GIT - Gross Income Test
GPRA - Government Performance and Results Act
GRH - Group Residential Housing
HBMHS - Home-Based Mental Health Services
HC - Health Care
HCAP - Health Care Programs
HCAPP - Health Care Application
HCBS - Home and Community-Based Services
HCBW - Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver
HCEA- Health Care Eligibility and Access
HCFA - Health Care Financing Administration
HCFC - Health Care for Families & Children
HCO - Home and Community Options
HCPC - Health Care Procedure Codes
HIC - Health Insurance Counseling
HIIF - Health Insurance Information Form
HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HH - Hiawatha Hall
HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
HMO - Health Maintenance Organization
HRA - Housing and Redevelopment Authority
HRF - Household Report Form
HSLA - Human Services Licensing Act
HSMC - Hermits of St. Mary of Carmel
HVMHC - Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center
ICAMA - Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
ICF - Intermediate Care Facility
ICF/MR - Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Mental Retardation
ICP - Individual Counseling Plan
ICPC - Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
ICSP - Individual Community Support Plan
ICTP - Individual Client Treatment Plan
ICWA - Indian Child Welfare Act
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP - Individual Education Plan
IEIC - Interagency Early Intervention Committee
IEVS - Income and Eligibility Verification System
IFA - Individualized Functional Assessment
IFS - Intensive Family Services
IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plan
IFPS - EA - Intensive Family Preservation Services - Emergency Assistance
IHE - Inadvertent Household Error
IHP - Individual Habilitation Plan
IHS - Institute for Human Services
IIIP- Individualized Interagency Intervention Plan
IM - Income Maintenance
IMD- Institution for Mental Disease
IMRMS - Income Maintenance Random Moment System
INS - Immigration and Naturalization Services
IOC - Issuance Operations Center
IP - Identified Patient
IP - Incapacitated Parent
IPAM - Introduction to Public Assistance and MAXIS
IPP - Individual Program Plan/Injury Protection Program
IPV - Intentional Program Violation
IR - Income Review
IRTS - Intensive Residential Treatment Services
ISM - In-kind Support and Maintenance
ISP - Individual Service Plan
ITP - Individual Treatment Plan
IV-A - Income Maintenance Unit
IV-D - Child Support Collections - terms:
ACP - Arrears Collection Project
AIW - Automatic Income Withholding
ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
AP - Absent parent
BLT - Blood Tests
C&D - Confinement & Delivery expenses (birthing expenses)
CEJ - Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction
CP - Custodial parent
CSA - Child Support Aid
CSES - Child Support Enforcement System
CSO - Child Support Officer
CSO-CSWEP - Child Support Obligor Community Service Work Experience Program
CTSS - Children's Therapeutic Support Services
DOP - Declaration of Parentage
EL - Employer letter
FPLS - Federal Parent Locate System
IVR - Interactive Voice Response
IW - Income Withholding
NCP - Non-custodial parent
NPA client - Non-public Assistance client
OAH - Office of Administrative Hearings
OCSE - Office of Child Support Enforcement
OHP - Out of Home Placement
OSR- Order to Show Cause
PA Client - Public Assistance client
PI - Project Intercept (Federal tax refund offset program)
PM - Postmaster letter
PRISM - Providing Resources to Improve Support in Minnesota
ROP - Recognition of Parentage
RR - Revenue Recapture (State tax refund offset program)
RURESA - Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement Support Act
UIFSA - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
URESA - Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement Support Act
TSO - Time Share Option
IV-E - Federal Reimbursement For Out of Home Placement
IV-E Foster Care - Foster Care cash paid under title IV-E
IVP - Individual Vocational Plan
JOBS - Job Opportunity and Basic Skills
JOL - Judgment by Operation of Law
JSSP - Job Search Support Plan
J&T - Jobs & Training
JTPA - Job Training Partnership Act
LCTS - Local Collaborative Time Study
LA - Living Arrangement
LEC - Law Enforcement Center
LEP - English Language Proficiency
LIGSS - Local Intervention Grants for Self-Sufficiency
LIHEAP - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LMC - Labor Management Committee
LMHA - Local Mental Health Authority
LPR - Lawful Permanent Resident
LSU - Local Service Unit
LTC - Long-Term Care
LTCC - Long Term Care Consultation Services
LTCF - Long Term Care Facility
MA - Medical Assistance (Medicaid or Title XIX)
MA-AD - Medical Assistance-Aid to the Disabled
MA-AFDC Related - Medical Assistance provided based on AFDC eligibility
MA-BC - Medical Assistance for women with Breast or Cervical Cancer
MA-BI - Medical Assistance-Aid to the Blind
MACSSA - Minnesota Association of County Social Service Administrators
MAE - Minnesota Adoption Exchange
MA-EPD - Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities
MAFAA - Minnesota Association of Financial Aid Administrators
MA FFS - Medical Assistance Fee-for-Service
MAI - Multiple Application Interface
MA-ID - Medical Assistance-Identification Card
MA-PD - Medicare Advantage -Prescription Drug Plan
MAPS - Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System
MAPW - Medical Assistance Pregnant Woman
MA SSTS - Medical Non-Waiver Social Services Administration
MATTS - Medicaid Administrative Tribal Time Study
MAXIS - Public Assistance Eligibility computer system
MBA - Minnesota Board on Aging
MCCVS - Minnesota Center for Crime Victim Services
MCHA - Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association
MCO- Managed Care Organization
MDA - Minnesota Department of Agriculture
MDES - Minnesota Department of Economic Security
MDH - Minnesota Department of Health
ME - Management Evaluation
MEC2 - Minnesota Electronic Child Care Information System
Medicare Part A - Federal Health Insurance which covers hospital care, hospice care & home home health care
Medicare Part B - Federal Health Insurance which covers doctor services, X-rays, laboratory services, medical supplies and medical supplies
MEPA - Multiethnic Placement Act
METO - Minnesota Extended Treatment Options
MFAP - Minnesota Food Assistance Program
MFIP - Minnesota Family Investment Program
MFIP-S - Minnesota Family Investment Program-Statewide
MFPP - Minnesota Family Planning Program
MGD - Minnesota Grant Diversion for AFDC
MGDPA - Minnesota Government Data Practices Act
MGSFP - “Minnesota Grown” Supplemental Food Program
MH - Mental Health
MHCP - Minnesota Health Care Program
MHFA - Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
MH-TCM - Mental Health - Targeted Case Management
MI - Mental Illness
MIFPA - Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act
MIIC - Minnesota Immunization Information Connection
MIS - Management Information System
MLB - MinnesotaCare Limited Benefit
MMIS - Medicaid Management Information System
MnDHO - Minnesota Disability Health Options
MNET - Minnesota Non-Emergency Transportation
MOE - Maintenance Effort
MOU - Memorandums of Understanding
MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder
MR - Mentally Retarded/Mental Retardation
MR /RC - Mental Retardation or Related Condition
MSA - Minnesota Supplemental Aid
MSC - Minnesota Senior Care
MSCU - Minnesota State Colleges and University
MSHO - Minnesota Senior Health Options
MSN - Maintenance Special Needs
MSP - Medicare Savings Program
MSPPTC - Minnesota Sexual Psychopathic Personality Treatment Center
MSSA - Minnesota Social Service Association
MTED - Minnesota Trade and Economic Development
NA - Narcotics Anonymous
NCANDS - National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
NF - Nursing Facility
NFCSP - National Family Caregiver Support Program
NPA - Non-public Assistance
OBRA - Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCR - Office for Civil Rights
OCSE - Office of Child Support Enforcement
OEO - Office for Equal Opportunity
OHC - Other Health Coverage
OJT - On the Job Training
OMB - Office of Management and Budget
OOHP - Out-of-Home Placement
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PA - Prior Authorization
PAI - Participant Access Index
PAID - Program Assessment and Integrity Division
PAS - Preadmission Screening
PAS/ACG - Preadmission Screening/Alternative Care Grants Program
PAS/ARR - Preadmission Screening/Annual Resident Review
PASS - Plan to Achieve Self Support
PATH - Professional Association of Treatment Homes
PATS - Placing Agency Time Study
PCA - Personal Care Attendant
PCNL - Primary Care Network Listing
PCPO - Personal Care Provider Organization
PD - Police Department
PDN - Private Duty Nursing
PDP - Prescription Drug Program
PET - Payment Eligibility Test
PFP - Personal Futures Planning
PGAMCP - Prepaid General Assistance Medical Care Program
PHI - Protected Health Information
PHN - Public Health Nursing
PI - Policy Inquiry or Policy Interpretation
PIC - Private Industry Council
PICKLE - Unearned Income disregard for certain MA clients
PIN - Personal Identification Number
PIP- Performance Improvement Plan
PMAP - Prepaid Medical Assistance Program
PMC - Parent of a Minor Caretaker
PMI - Person Master Index
PMM - Psychotropic Medication Monitoring
PMQI - Performance Measurement & Quality Control Improvement
POS - Point of Sale
PP - Placement Plan
PPP - Parallel Protection Plan
PPS - Pre-Petition Screening
PPS - Prospective Payment System
PRI- Provider Rate Increase
PRO - Peer Review Organization
PRUCOL - Permanently Residing Under Color of Law
PRWORA - Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
PSOP - Parent Support Outreach Program
PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PWE - Principal Wage Earned or Primary Wage Earner
QAR - Quality Assurance Review
QC - Quality Control
QES - Quality Enhancement Section
QI - Qualified Individual
QMB - Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QMRP - Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
QWD - Qualified Working Disabled Adult
RCA - Refugee Cash Assistance also: Relative Custody Assistance
RCS - Residential Care Services
RDC - Refugee Data Center
REM - Robert E. Miller (Corporate Provider)
RFP - Request for Proposal
RHW - Relative Hardship Waiver
RMA - Refugee Medical Assistance
RPPR - Recipient Prepaid Rate
RRP - Refugee Resettlement Program
RRS - Regional Resource Specialist
RSC - Regional Services Center
RSDI - Retired Survivors Disability Insurance
RSS - Regional Services Specialist
RTC - Regional Treatment Center
Rule 12 - Grant funding Rule 36 facilities
Rule 25 - Chemical Dependency Consolidated Funding
Rule 36 - Residential Group Homes for Adult MI
Rule 38 - Day Training & Habilitation Services
Rule 43 - Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment Program
Rule 79 - Mental Illness Case Management
Rule 185 - DD Case Management
RUM - Refugee Unaccompanied Minor
SA - Service Agreement
SACTAD - Service Agreement Correction Turnaround Document
SAIC - Sexual Assault Interagency Council
SAIL - Senior Agenda for Independent Living
SALT - Supervised Apartment Living Training
SAM - Security Access Management System
SAPSNF - Statewide Average Payment Rate for Skilled Nursing Facilities
SAVE - Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements
SDLI - Same Day Local Issuance
SDM- Structured Decision-Making
SDP - Sexually Dangerous Person - also Senior Drug Program
SDX - State Data Exchange
SEAGR - Social Services Expenditure and Grant Reconciliation
SED - Severe Emotional Disturbance
SEID - Self Employment Investment Demonstration
SELF - Support for Emancipation and Living Functionally
SEMAAA - SE Minnesota Area Agency on Aging
SEMCAC - SE Minnesota Community Action Council
SEMCIL - SE Minnesota Center for Independent Living
SEMEDP- SE MN ElderCare Development Partnership
SEMMCHRA - SE Minnesota Multi-County Housing & Redevelopment Authority
SEP - Supported Employment Program
SFY - State Fiscal Year
SILS - Supervised Independent Living Services for Adults with DD
SIR - Systems Information Repository
SLL - Senior LinkAge Line (1-800-333-2433)
SLMB - Service Limited Medicare Beneficiary
SLS - Supervised Living Service
SMI - Shared Master Index
SMIRC - SE Minnesota Information & Referral Center
SMRLS - SE Minnesota Regional Legal Services
SMRT - State medical review team appointed to determine disability
SNF - Skilled Nursing Facility
SNP - Special Needs Plan
SNV - Skilled Nursing Visit
SOBRA - Second Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1986
SOCS - State-Operated Residential Programs
SOS - State Operated Services (formerly RTC - Regional Treatment Centers)
SPA - State Planning Agency
SPMI - Serious and Persistent Mental Illness
SPP - Sexual Psychopathic Personality
SPS - State Public School
SRU - Special Recovery Unit
SSA - Social Security Administration
SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI - Supplemental Security Income
SSIMS - Social Service Information & Management System
SSIS - Social Services Information System
SSN - Social Security Number
SSTS - Social Service Time Study
STRIDE - Success Through Reaching Individual Development & Employment
STS - Sentencing to Service
SVES QURY - State Verification Exchange Query
TAAA - Trade Adjustment Assistance Act
TANF - Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
TAP - Chemical Dependency Treatment Accountability Act
TAP - Telephone Assistance Plan
TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury
TBIW - Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver
TBIW-NF - Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver for Nursing Facility Level Clients
TCC - Transitional Child Care
TCM - Targeted Case Management
TDA - Tardive Dyskinesia Assessment
TEAM - Time for Effective Action on Maltreatment of Minors
TEFRA - Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (Children's Home Care Option)
TIP - Targeted Intervention Project
Title IV-A - AFDC
Title IV-B - Section of Social Security Act
Title IV-D - Child Support for AFDC
Title IV-E - AFDC Foster Care
Title IXX - Medicaid
Title V - Child Maternal Health (Services to Children with Handicaps)
Title XI - Demonstration Grants
Title XIX - Medicaid or Medical Assistance
Title XVI - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Title XVIII - Medicare
Title XX - Social Services
TPL - Third Party Liability
TPQY - Third Party Query User Card System
TPR - Termination of Parental Rights
TPS - Temporary Protected Status
TrOOP - True-out-of-pocket expenses
TQR - Technical Quality Review
TSFC - Therapeutic Support of Foster Care
TSO - Time Share Option
TY - Transition Year
TYE - Transition Year Extension
TYCC - Transitional Year Child Care
TYMA - Transitional Year Medical Assistance
TYSA - Transition Year Set-Aside
UC - Unemployment Compensation
UME - Unusual Medical Expense
UNVI - Unverified Unearned Income
UP - Unemployed Parent
UIFSA - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
URM - Unaccompanied Refugee Minor
USCIS - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
USDA - Federal Food Stamp Administration
VA - Veterans Administration
VAA - Vulnerable Adults Act
VA/DD TCM - Vulnerable Adults/Adult DD Target
VOLAG - Local Resettlement Voluntary Agency
WCC - Winona Counseling Clinic
WDAP - Winona Domestic Assault Project
WEP - Work Experience Participant
WIS - Welfare Information System
WORC - Winona Occupational Rehabilitation Center
WR - Work Readiness
WVS - Winona Volunteer Services
ZVCRU - Zumbro Valley Crisis Receiving Unit

AROM - Active Range of Motion
ASAP - As soon as possible
AVG - Average
BCP - Behavior Control Management Program
BDL - Borderline
b.i.d. - twice daily
B.P. - Blood pressure
Bender - Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test
CA - Chronological Age
cap(s) - capsule(s)
CAT Scan - computerized axial tomography
∆ - Changes
CBC - completed blood count
cm. - centimeter
c/o - complains of
DE - Date of Entitlement
DME/DMS - Durable medical Equipment and Supply Providers
DOB - Date of Birth
DON - Director of Nursing
DNR - Do not Resuscitate
Dx - Diagnosis
EEG - Electroencephalogram
EENT - eye, ear, nose, throat
EKG (ECG) - Electrocardiogram
E.R. - Emergency Room
Eval - Evaluation
ExC - Extended Care
FBS - Fasting Blood Sugar
FS - Full Scale
FYI - For your information
GAL - Guardian ad Litem
G.I. - gastro-intestinal
gm. - gram
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
H/O - History of
h.s. - hour of sleep, at bedtime
H & P - History & Physical Exam
Hypo - hypodermically
I & O - intake & output
I.M. - intramuscularly
IV - intravenously
mg. - milligram
MLD - Mild
MOD - Moderate
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NB - Neurobehavioral
neg. - negative
NH - Nursing Home
NKA - no known allergies
OBS - Organic Brain Syndrome
OT - Occupational Therapy
P - Pulse
p.c. - after meals, after food
PDD - Pervasive Developmental Disorder
P.E. - Physical Examination
pos. - positive
post-op. - after surgery
PP - Protective Placement
PPVT - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test
PPVT-A - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (Form A)
PPVT-B - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (Form B)
PPVT-R(L) - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised, Form L
PPVT-R(M) - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Revised, Form M
pre.op. - before surgery
p.r.n. - as needed
PRO - Profound
PT - Physical Therapy
q. - every
q.d. - every day
q.h. - every hour
q.i.d. - four times a day
QMRP - Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
q.o.d. - every other day
R. or Resp. - Respiration
R.B.C. - Red Blood Cell Count
ROM - Range of Motion
RT - Recreation Therapist
Rx - Treatment/Prescription
S-B - Stanford-Binet
S-B-LM - Stanford-Binet, Form LM
S-B IV - Stanford-Binet, Fourth Edition
SD - Standard Deviation
SEV - Severe
SIB - Self-injurious Behavior
SOB - Shortness of Breath
SS - Social Security
stat. - immediately, at once
SW - Social Worker
T or temp. - temperature
tab(s) - tablet(s)
t.i.d. - three times a day
T.P.R. - Temperature, Pulse, Respiration
TX - Treatment
UA - Urinalysis
UD - Unit Director
UR - Utilization Review
URI - Upper Respiratory Infection
UTI - Urinary Tract Infection
VABS - Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale
Vineland - Vineland Social Maturity Scale
WAIS - Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised
WBC - White Blood Count
w/c, wh/ch - wheelchair
w/d, W/D - well developed
w/f, W/F - white female
w/m, W/M - white male
w/n, W/N - well nourished
WISC - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
WISC-R - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Revised
WISC-III - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Third Edition
WNL - within normal limits
WRAT - Wide Range Achievement Test

*2° - secondary
↑ - up, elevated, increase
↓ - down, below, decrease
@ - at
L - left
R - right
- dram (dr.)
- ounce (oz.)
ss - one half (1/2)
+ - plus, positive
− - minus, negative
° - degree
c - with
s - without

ø - no or not
m - murmur
≅ - approximately equal to
∴ - therefore