The Winona County License Center offers a variety of driver's license, motor vehicle and recreational vehicle licensing and title transfer services.

Motor Vehicle Transactions New Insurance Law

Effective January 1, 2016
Per Minnesota Statutes 2014, Section 169.798, Subd. 4, every owner applying for a self-propelled motor vehicle or motorcycle/moped registration, re-registration, or transfer of ownership MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF INSURANCE.  This does not include trailers.
Required insurance information includes the insurance company’s name, the policy number, and the policy expiration date for the motor vehicle or motorcycle.
A transaction being submitted on or after 1/1/2016 requires insurance information regardless of the sale date. 

License Applications Available Are:

Driver's Licenses
Instruction Permits
Identification Cards
Motor Vehicle Title Transfers
Registration Renewals

Department of Natural Resources:

Boat Title Transfers
Boat Renewals
ATV Transfers and Renewals
Off Road Vehicles

Payment Accepted: Cash or Check with Proper ID