Winona County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Ron Ganrude

It is the duty of the Winona County Sheriff to keep and preserve the peace of Winona County.  In furtherance of this goal, the Winona County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement coverage throughout Winona County's 625 square miles.  In addition to providing law enforcement coverage, the Sheriff's Office
  • Operates and oversees the County Jail;
  • Maintains communication and dispatch services between the public and law enforcement, fire, and ambulance personnel;
  • Patrols the waterways within Winona County, including the Mississippi River;
  • Coordinates with Winona County Emergency Management Service;
  • Coordinates numerous public safety and community programs;
  • Oversees a dedicated staff of 76 employees and 56 volunteers; and
  • Performs Search and Rescue operations.

Minnesota Firearm Safety All Day Field Day (Online Course and All Day Field Day) - David Dux

I will be having a Minnesota Firearm Safety Certification Class Saturday August 25th. My class offering is the HunterCourse online class and the All Day Field day certification. This is for anyone age 11 or older as of the August 25th class date. I also encourage parents (moms or dads), friends and so forth to take the class if they have not in the past, but it is not required for adults. Adults, age 18 and older, can do an online course and self-certification without the need of attending the All Day Field day. Adults can use this link: Firearms Safety Certification for Adults (18 and older): Minnesota DNR

The online course will take 12 hours to complete from your home, it is self-paced so the student does not need to do it all at once. They will receive a password and login once they register on the web site. The student can log out and return as needed. Once they complete the course, pass the online test a fee is paid of $24.95 with a credit card to receive the certification so they can attend the Field Day. This is a link to register and take the online course:

To register for my Field Day class please email me at with the following information; before the student starts the online course, this reserves a spot for you at the Field Day.

  1. Name of student
  2. Date of birth for the student
  3. Parents/guardians name if the student is a minor
  4. Contact Telephone Number
  5. Mailing address

The class size is limited. You must pre-register with me for the ALL DAY FIELD day by emailing the above information. The student must complete and receive the voucher before they can attend the All Day Field Day certification.

The All Day Field Day will be Saturday August 25th, at the Lewiston Sportsman Club at 23264 Sportsman Rd, Lewiston MN 55952 starting at 8:00 AM and ending around 4:00 PM. (The start and end time may change based on the number of participants) If you cannot attend this field day, please do not register with me.

Students will need to bring the following items to the field day on August 25th:

  1. HunterCourse Voucher
  2. Parent or Guardian must attend the first hour of the class until the student completes the test.
  3. Sack lunch and something to drink
  4. Blaze orange hat
  5. Good attitude