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Post-Disposition Survey

  1. Post-Disposition Survey

    Please help us evaluate our services to victims of crime in Winona County by answering the following questions about your contact with our office. All responses will be kept confidential.

  2. 1. The Victim Services Office worked with me through (check all that apply):
  3. 2. The Victim Services Office answered my questions and addressed my concerns.
    1. 3. The information sent to me by the Victim Services Office was helpful.
      1. 4. The Victim Services Office informed me about:
      2. a. The charges filed in the case
        1. b. How to receive notifications about court hearings in the case.
          1. c. Restitution and/or victim impact statements.
            1. d. The possible plea offer to resolve the case.
              1. e. The disposition of the case.
                1. 5. As a result of the information I received, I better understand:
                2. a. My rights as a victim.
                  1. b. How to complete a restitution affidavit.
                    1. c. How to provide a victim impact statement.
                      1. d. How to receive further notifications (probation violation, offender release, etc.).
                        1. 6. The Victim Services Office provided sufficient information about the case.
                          1. 7. A representative from the Victim Services Office was available to attend court hearings if I wanted someone to attend the hearing with me.
                            1. 8. Overall, I was satisfied with the services I received from the Victim Services Office.
                              1. Demographics

                                The following information is optional. It is used for grant or demographic reporting purposes. Please check any/all that you identify with.

                              2. Race/Ethnicity
                              3. Gender
                              4. Special Classification
                              5. Contact Information
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