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Expungement Application

  1. Application to Have Criminal Record Sealed
  2. Preferred Communication Method (may still receive communication in other formats)
    1. Have you been charged with a Felony offense in Winona County?
      1. Were you convicted of a Felony in Winona County?
        1. Was your entire case dismissed by the Court or the Prosecutor?
          1. Were you acquitted of all counts by the Court or a Jury at trial?
            1. Were you charged with a Felony but convicted of a lesser offense such as a Misdemeanor or Gross Misdemeanor?
              1. Did you receive a stay of adjudication, stay of imposition, stay of execution, continuance for dismissal, deferred prosecution, reduced charge, or did you complete a diversion program?
                1. I was charged with the following offense(s):

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                2. Please type your full name to indicate that you are requesting your application to have your criminal record sealed be reviewed for eligibility.

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