Opioid Settlement Funds

Background Information

The State of Minnesota, Minnesota counties and cities, reached multistate settlement agreements in the national opioid civil litigation cases. Winona County’s share of the first settlement will be approximately $1.7 million over 18 years. Winona County anticipates an additional $1.3 million from the second round of settlements for a total of approximately $3.0 million to be distributed from the two settlement agreements over the next 18 years.

As part of the settlement agreements, the State of Minnesota, Minnesota counties, and cities entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the first round of settlement agreements, and an amended MOU, for the second round of settlement agreements.  These MOU’s state how the funds from the settlements will be allocated between the State, the counties and cities, and how the funds can be used.  All programs for which the funds are used must be evidence-based or evidence-informed programs or strategies.  The MOUs also designate for those participating local governments that have public health departments, the public health department shall serve as the lead agency and Chief Strategist to identify, collaborate, and respond to local issues as local governments decide how to leverage and disburse Opioid Settlement Funds.

Listening Sessions

The Winona County Opioid Settlement Committee is holding listening sessions to inform the community of opioid funding available and gather input. The dates and locations are as follows:






Lived Experience

September 13th


Winona Recovery Center

757 East 5th St Winona, MN

Community Resources

September 19th


Hiawatha Valley Garden Room

420 E Sarnia St, Winona, MN


September 21st


Hiawatha Valley Garden Room

420 E Sarnia St, Winona, MN

Older Adults

September 27th


Winona Friendship Center

251 Main St, Winona, MN

General Public

September 28th


History Center Wanek Room

160 Johnson St, Winona, MN

VirtualOctober 3rd10-11amZoomRegister in advance for this meeting

Each listening session is for a targeted group. For the lived experience session we are looking for individuals that have been affected by substance use. The community resource session is for daycare providers and other professionals that work with individuals with substance use disorder in a non-clinical setting. The providers session is for providers that work in a clinical setting with individuals with substance use disorder. The older adults session is for individuals above the age of 65. The general public and virtual sessions are for anyone that lives or works in Winona County.

Listening Session Registration

Please register for the in-person listening sessions here.

Please register in advance for the virtual session here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Want to share your thoughts?

Please fill in this survey if you cannot attend the listening sessions.

Please fill in this survey if you attended a listening session.

If you want to send your ideas for use of the opioid settlement funds via email to Winona County, please use the email OpioidSettlement@co.winona.mn.us . Your name and contact information will remain private and will not be shared with anyone.