Winona County Attorney's Office Internships

The Winona County Attorney's Office welcomes students interested in exploring work opportunities associated with the legal field.  A wide variety of work experience is available to interns in all aspects of our office.

Students from any major or degree program are invited to apply.  Our internships are competitive, with only a few applicants receiving internships each semester.  Internships with the Winona County Attorney's Office are unpaid internships and may or may not be for school credit (volunteers are accepted, but priority is given to those needing course credit).  Internships are available year-round, and hours can be flexible within standard business hours.

Interns with certain skill sets, interests, or career goals may be assigned to specific focuses within the Winona County Attorney's Office in addition to the general tasks handled by all interns.  Some focuses may include:

  • Victim Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Diversion
  • Legal Research

Please see the Application Process information below if you wish to apply for an upcoming internship opportunity.

Upcoming Internship Opportunities
The Winona County Attorney's Office is currently accepting applications for 2022 interns. Our internship opportunity may be limited or canceled, depending on the pandemic situation, but we are hoping to be able to continue to offer internship experiences.

Application Process
To apply for an internship with the Winona County Attorney's Office, please submit the following documents by email to 

  • Internship Application
  • Cover Letter, introducing yourself, indicating the semester for which you are seeking an internship, and a summary of your qualifications and interest in an internship position with the County Attorney's Office;
  • Resume;
  • List of References;
  • Current Transcript;
  • If you would like to be considered for a legal research focus internship, please also submit 1 or 2 examples of legal research projects or papers you have completed.

The Personnel Department will forward the materials to the internship coordinator who will contact the applicant to schedule an interview.

Contact Internship Coordinator