Fee Schedule

Real Estate Fees

Recording Fee (Abstract Property)$46
Recording Fee (Registered/Torrens Property)$46
Entry of Memorial$46
Multiple Certificate Entries Thereafter$20
Issuance of Residue Certificate$40
Exchange Certificates: Each Certificate Canceled$20
Each New Certificate Issued$20
Assignments, Satisfactions and Partial Releases$46
Assignments, Satisfactions and Partial Releases - Referencing More Than Four Documents$10 Per Additional Reference
Well Disclosure Certificates$50
Filing Plats$56
Conservation Tax (Required when deed tax or mortgage tax is paid. (MN Statute 40A.152))$5

 Certified Survey - No Recording Fee                                                                      

Requests For Information

(Prepayment or Active Account Required)

All requests for information should be emailed to the Recorder's office. Requests will be processed in the order received. Applicable fees will apply.

Certified Tract Index Search - Up to and Including 3 Entries$30
Certified Tract Index Search - Up to and Including 6 Entries$35
Certified Tract Index Search - Up to and Including 10 Entries$40
Condition of Title Reports (O and E)$50
Land Title Research Fee (Per Hour)$40
Certified Copies of Plats$15
Uncertified Copies of Plats$10
Engineering Prints$5
Certified Copies of Documents$10
Uncertified Copies$5
Mailing and Handling$2.00
Fax/Email$3 (Plus $5 per document fee.)
Certified Tax Lien Search (Per Name)$15
Verbal Tax Lien Search (Per Name)$3

State Deed Tax

Instruments requiring deed tax per MSA 287.21 must state the amount of tax due, or if it is exempt. The tax will be calculated at a rate of 0.0033 per the amount of consideration, exclusive of the value of any lien or encumbrance remaining at the time of the sale. The minimum amount is $1.65.

Example: $100,200.00 x .0033 = $330.66

The new minimum deed tax takes effect on January 1, 2020. Consideration $0 to $3,000.00 is $1.65 tax. No e-CRV is required. Any amount of $3,000.01 or more needs an e-CRV completed.

Mortgage Registration Tax

For instruments taxable under MSA 287.05, the tax will be calculated at a rate of 0.0023 of the principal debt or obligation that is secured by any mortgage of real property in the State of Minnesota.

Example: $79,500.50 x .0023 = $182.86

Property Splits

Payment of the current year taxes is required when tax parcels are split, per MSA 272.121, or land is platted. Survey required. Survey recorded at no fee.  See Land Split Ordinance. (Tab)

Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value

To complete an eCRV form, go to the Minnesota Department of Revenue website. Required on conveyance documents when the consideration is $3,000.01 or more.

Well Disclosure Certificate

Required when there is a well on the property and a Certificate of Real Estate Value is required (MSA 1031.235). If there are no changes in the well, a statement on the deed is acceptable.