Parks & Trails


The Winona County Trail System Plan will promote the use and development of all types of trails for existing and future generations and connect Winona County with neighboring trail systems. This plan will serve as a base guide for creating and maintaining a sustainable trail system. The plan will also serve as a guide for stewardship of the system.


  • To function as an economic development tool for all areas served by the system
  • To connect cities and points of interest within Winona County
  • To connect Winona County to trail systems in neighboring counties, Wisconsin, and a National Trail (Mississippi River Trail (MRT))
  • To promote trail use as a healthy and viable activity in Winona County
  • To improve the quality of life for people who live and/or work in Winona County
  • To provide consistent wayfinding and information displays
  1. Apple Blossom

    Recreational Fire Ban at Apple Blossom Park

    Recreational fires pose a danger because adjacent prairie plantings have dry and flammable foliage. Read on...