Electronics Recycling


As of July 1, 2007, electronic products containing a cathode ray tube (CRT) may not be placed in the garbage (Minnesota Statutes 115A.9565). A CRT contains 2 to 8 pounds of lead. Most TVs and computer monitors contain a CRT and must be recycled.

Local Electronics Recycling Sites

These sites will take electronic items that cannot legally be thrown away such as television and computer monitors. They will also accept fax machines, copiers, stereos, and other electronics. There will be a charge for these items. Please call each location for the most up-to-date information including disposal cost and hours of operation.

You may also take electronic items to the La Crosse County Household Hazardous Materials Facility. For detailed information regarding their electronics recycling program or their open hours, please call 608-785-9999 or visit their website. For more information on computer recycling or other recycling matters, please call Winona County Environmental Services at 507-457-6462.