Jail- Winona County Detention Center (WCDC)

Future Winona County Detention Center (WCDC)

203 W. 3rd St. Winona, MN

Anticipated Opening Date for Acceptance of New Detainees


Compacity of new WCDC


 (expansion ability up to 80 BEDS) 

Jail View from Road

Winona County is in the final stages of completing the long anticipated new detention center. This project began in October 2021. Over the course of these two years the current Winona Count Jail has undergone major construction and as a result the current facility is a 72-hour facility. Over the next few months staff of the WCDC will be training and familiarizing themselves with the new facility.

Public Notices for the New WCDC

Jail Program Volunteers

WCDC is currently taking applications for individuals and organizations who wish to volunteer their specialized services in the new WCDC. Applications can be picked up at the Winona County Sheriffs Office (201 W. 3rd St) and returned to the same location. Any type of service or program is welcome to apply and go through the vetting process. Any questions please contact WCDC Administration.

Huber Release & Inmate Worker Programs (STS)

Once our new facility is up and running WCDC will resume our ability to house detainees who are granted permission, through the court system, to participate in Huber Release or Sentence-to-serve (STS) programs. 

What information to know prior to serving time with HUBER release

Public Fingerprinting

NOTICE:::: WCDC does NOT use a third party to schedule our fingerprinting. The only way to schedule is by physically calling the number listed here and talking to a WCDC Staff member.

Phone Number: 507-457-6390

Items you Must have:

  • Photo ID
  • $10 (exact Cash) per card needed.
  • Any paperwork or fingerprint card provided to you by an employer or school entity.

Current Jail Facility Operation in the Interim of opening the New WCDC

Jail Procedures

Due to the current facility being partially under construction we are a 72-hour holding facility. It is current common practice to house inmates in other counties, due to the very limited amount of space and resources we can offer at the moment. 

WCDC Visiting Times

201 W. 3rd Street

Visitation Rules:

  • Must have a photo ID
  • Each detainee allowed 2 – 20-minute visits per visiting day.
    1. Can NOT be the same person twice.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • WCDC staff can end a visit at any time due to facility safety and security. 
  • Must be appropriately dressed and no use of electronic devices in the visiting rooms. 


  • FEMALES: Noon – 2pm
  • MALES: 2pm – 4pm



  • FEMALES: 8AM – 10AM
  • MALES: 10AM – NOON


  • FEMALES: 4PM – 6PM
  • MALES: 6PM – 8PM

Actions Taken by the Winona County Jail effective March 13, 2020 and are in effect until further notice:

  • Cancel Public jail tours
  • Cancel Inmate Work Crews (STS)
  • Cancel Jail Program Bible Study
  • Cancel Jail Program NA
  • Cancel Jail Program AA

These actions being taken are for a nonspecific time frame and will be reviewed by Sheriff's Office Administration.