Recycling Programs

Winona County is committed to continuous improvement and programs that will increase recycling rates and provide recycling opportunities for all county citizens. Of the waste generated by the county in 2021, 48% of it was recycled. Meaning, Winona County has exceeded the state mandated recycling rate of 35% by weight for county’s outside of the metropolitan area!  Currently, staff efforts are focused on cleaning up the recycling stream by reducing contamination of items such as plastic bags and Styrofoam. By doing so will reduce long-term program costs, so please review the Acceptable Recyclables List carefully.

Winter Weather Recycling Collection Call-in Line! 

Wondering if your recycling will still get collected during an infamous Minnesota storm? We've created a call-in line to announce recycling collection delays or postponements. Call 507-457-6569 to receive an automated response for affected areas and when their collection will be postponed until. The call-in line will also work for holiday delay inquiries! 

When is My Recycling Day?

Use the Curbside Pick-up Schedules link in the menu to obtain information about curbside recycling services and schedules in Winona County.

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Printable Recycling Posters

Here are a couple of posters that would look great printed out above your garbage and recycling containers. These posters provide great tips for remembering what to put in the garbage and what to put into recycling, which will be very helpful as you're deciding what goes where.

Garbage only. No recyclables, cardboard, appliances/electronics, yard waste, furniture/mattresses.