Winona Internships | Volunteer Work

What is Winona Internships?

In these challenging economic times, college students need to set themselves apart from the crowd when it comes to finding a job in their chosen field. A terrific way for students to gain a competitive advantage is to offer students real-life experience through an internship or volunteer work.

Winona Internships began in 2008 as a collaborative effort by the Winona County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) and the three higher learning institutions in the City of Winona, Minnesota: Saint Mary's University, Winona State University and Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical. In 2011, the Winona County Personnel Department assumed responsibility for the program. The goal of the internships is to match student interns with available internships or other volunteer opportunities in the Winona, Minnesota area. Internships provide an opportunity for students to link theory with practice in those agencies that have committed to participate in the internship program.

Need an Intern?

If you are a state or governmental agency in the Winona area, and are seeking an intern for your agency or organization, please send an email to the Winona County Personnel Department with (1) your agency/organization name; (2) a description of the internship opportunity; (3) the required educational background (i.e. certain major or other prerequisites); (4) the dates during which the internship will be offered; (5) the application deadline and how to get application forms and (6) the internship supervisor's name and phone number. You may also contact the Winona County Personnel Department by calling 507-457-6352 to provide this information. Upon receipt of the requested information, Winona County will post an internship listing on this website.

Need an Internship?

Once you have located a suitable internship/volunteer opportunity, unless specifically specified (i.e. Health and Human Services) please complete the Internship Form and/or the Volunteer Form and email it to the Winona County Personnel Department. Winona County will provide a copy of the form to the participating agency or organization, which will then follow up with each applicant.

Department or Agency
Job Title
Job Duties
Type of Work
Big Brothers Big SistersMentorClick for DetailsVolunteer
Winona County Attorney's Office
Click for DetailsInternship
Treatment Court of Winona County
Click for DetailsInternship
Health & Human ServicesVarious DepartmentsClick for Details & ApplicationInternship
Winona County Emergency Management
Click for DetailsInternship
Planning & Environmental ServicesWater VolunteerClick for DetailsVolunteer

Volunteer Work

Adult volunteers are welcome and appreciated in participating agencies and organizations. If you have a particular interest area and would like to volunteer your time and talents to one of the participating organizations, please complete the questionnaire form below and return it to the Winona County Personnel Department. Winona County will make every effort to match you with a suitable participating agency or organization. If you would like more information about available volunteer opportunities, or to discuss a volunteer position, please call 507-457-6352.