Mapping Applications

Winona County Parcel Viewer

The Public Parcel Search is a land-based mapping application that is available on the internet and available to anyone who has an interest in land records within Winona County. The application is self-service and allows people to conduct research on properties.

The Beacon application allows the following data layers to be viewed by selecting the boxes next to the item name on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Beacon Layers List

Survey Certificates & Statements of Evidence

This application allows the user to click on a section corner to pull up a Portable Document Format (PDF) of the certificate of survey and the Statement of Evidence document. Note: Zoom into the map to activate corners and section layers.

The Winona County Surveyor is currently conducting work on Public Land Survey Corners. Certificate information may not be current. Please call the Winona County Surveyor at 507-454-4134 to confirm the most up-to-date information.

Winona County Interactive Recycling Map

Use this application to find and download curbside recycling pickup schedules.

Winona County Polling Places

Find where to vote in Winona County

Winona County Local Food Map

Find locally-produced and sold produce, meats, cheese, wine and more

Mississippi River Winona Watershed

Explore the watershed's diverse recreation opportunities and learn about conservation practice in a fun, interactive way! This story map application can work on both desktop systems, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Winona County Invasive Species Most Wanted List

Find useful tips and information for identifying and treating key invasive species in Winona County.

Winona County Emergency Management

Explore Winona County Emergency Management layers with an interactive map.