Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a mapping technology that has intelligent data behind the features (roads, parcels, parks, buildings) displayed on a map. GIS applications allow users to interact with the map and data using tools that are developed to analyze the geographic information.

For example, GIS can be used to find out information about a property (parcel) - its geographic location, ownership, taxes, market values, soils, topography (elevation), land classification, wetlands, watershed, address, school district, etc.

GIS provides and maintains an enterprise GIS system for the citizens, other government units, and county staff to allow everyone to make better and more informed decisions.  GIS Staff are responsible for spatial data related to land transfers, planning, Winona County Soil and Water Conservation District, emergency management, dispatch, and other service areas in the county to allow better response, maintenance, efficiency and protection for everyone in Winona County while providing access to all geographic information to the public. Winona County GIS services coordinates the County GIS users group meeting, promotes GIS Day, and is also involved in the Economic Gardening Initiative.

Winona County GIS maintains and provides GIS mapping applications for the public to interact with GIS data. The applications include a Parcel Search, Trails and Recreation, and E-911 site. Additional applications are currently being developed and will be added in the near future.


To work in partnership with all county agencies to provide accurate, consistent, accessible, and comprehensive GIS data, GIS infrastructure, and GIS services to support all communities in Winona County.


The premier provider of spatial information and GIS services for Winona County.