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SHIP Mini-Grant Application
Note: The grant cycle runs until October 31, 2017 – all work must be completed and expenses submitted by the end of September to receive reimbursement.
You may apply for up to $2,750 for each mini-grant. Grant application deadline is July 1, 2017, with a response by July 12, 2017. Members of the Community Leadership Team will review and recommend applications, with final approval from the Minnesota Department of Health, which oversees the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership Program (SHIP).
Launched in 2008 as part of Minnesota’s bipartisan health reform effort, SHIP helps Minnesotans live longer, healthier lives while building healthy, vital communities. SHIP focuses on making the healthy choice the easier choice by creating an environment that supports healthy behavior. SHIP mini-grants are available for projects that increase opportunities for active living and/or healthy eating in communities by creating policy, systems, and/or environmental changes. SHIP funds will prioritize those with greater need, including 
diverse populationslow-income groups, and persons over 60. SHIP supports the use of proven, research-based strategies and focuses on sustainability.
What are Policy, Systems, and/or Environmental changes?

  • Policy strategies may be a law, ordinance, resolution, mandate, regulation, or rule.
  • Systems strategies are changes that impact all elements of an organization, institution, or system.
  • Environmental strategies involve physical or material changes to the economic, social, or physical environment.
Often SHIP funding is one of several funding sources for projects.  Please help convey the scope of your project.  If you are using other funding sources, please identify other partnerships, grants, or in-kind funding sources and amount of funding. There is a 10% minimum match required for all mini-grants, which can be in-kind.
Upon receiving a notification of award, the recipient will be expected to:
1)Use funds appropriately to 
implement project by September 30, 2017. Funds are on a reimbursement basis.
2)On or before September 30, 2017
, provide receipts for reimbursement for SHIP approved expenses.
3)Participate in pre and post evaluation of the project as requested.
4)Submit an electronic report/summary on the results of the program implementation 
by October 15, 2017, or as requested.

SHIP Mini-Grant Application
Organization name _________________________________
Telephone ______________________________
Name of primary contact____________________________
Project Description
The application must include a project description narrative and budget. 
Briefly describe your project by answering the questions below. 
1.Describe your project.  
2.What are the project goals and objectives?
3.Describe your target population.  Who will benefit from your project?
4.How will you communicate this project to your stakeholders or target audience?
5.How will you sustain your project after SHIP funding ends so that it has a positive impact for years to come?
6.Please create a budget for your project.

 SAMPLE SHIP Mini-Grant Project Budget
 Budget Categories
Amount requested from SHIP  In-kind you will provide
Start up costs/supplies
*please describe each item:
Staff Time (in-kind)
   Approx. number of hours:
   Approx. salary:
Communication/promotional materials, printing to announce a Policy, System or Environmental change. 
*please describe each item:
Other expenses (such as trainings, conference fees, etc.)    

Total Requested

Send completed applications electronically to Janneke Sobeck, SHIP Coordinator,