Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Program
Most homes and businesses in municipalities discharge their sewage to publicly owned sewage treatment plants. In rural areas, sewage is treated "onsite" utilizing septic tanks and soil treatment areas. These systems are called Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS). In either case, it is extremely important that sewage be treated properly to insure safe drinking water and safe water recreation, and so that the public is not exposed to health risks from sewage.

Winona County Planning Department through the Zoning Ordinance and authority from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulates the design, permitting, installations, and inspections of Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS).
 Financial Assistance for Septic System Upgrades

Loans from AgBMP Program

Fix Up Loans through SEMCAC

USDA Rural Development Section 504 Loan & Grant Program

SSTS Septic Permit Application
SSTS Permit Fees

$350 - Holding Tank / Trench / Bed / Mound / At - Grade / Other

$350 - Commercial System

*fee includes: Soil Verification / Design Review / Installation Inspection(s)

FORMS: Design - Inspection - Installation - Maintenance - Management


Septic Point of Sale Certificate Form

Septic Responsibility Form

SSTS Abandonment Reporting Form

Locating Minnesota Licensed Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Professionals

U of M Onsite Sewage Treatment Program
Resource for homeowners, communities, professionals on topics related to onsite sewage treatment.

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