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Curbside Recycling

If your recycling has been missed, please contact Advanced Disposal directly at 1-855-386-1214.  This is a toll free number.

Place all recycling on the boulevard in front of your house, within 5 feet of the curb. Recycling must be on the curb by 7:00 a.m., come snow, rain or shine.  Use paper grocery bags only. No plastic bags, not even to hold your recyclables!  If your recycling day falls on a major holiday, the recycling will be picked up on the Saturday following the holiday.  The holidays are:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

What if I don't have a driveway out to the street?

If you don't have a driveway to the street, our contractor will pick up in your alley.  Everyone with a driveway should put their cart out on the curb, "within 5 feet of the curb".


Curbside Collection Schedules:

For Cities of Winona, Lewiston, Rollingstone, Minnesota City & Goodview (areas NOT new to curbside recycling), please click here to open an interactive map. Click on your location on the map to view your pick-up dates.  You will be able to get a list of all 26 pickup days in 2013 for your neighborhood from this map.

Other Cities:  Click on the location to view your recycling schedule.

Altura Minneiska
Dakota Stockton
Elba Utica


Townships: Click on the location to view your recycling schedule.

Dresbach Pleasant Hill
Elba Richmond
Fremont Rollingstone
Hart St. Charles
Hillsdale Saratoga
Homer Utica
Mt. Vernon Warren
New Hartford Whitewater
Norton Wilson


 Notice: Changes have been made to the recycling program. Click on "Exciting Changes to Recycling Program"  to view the newest recycling standards.

If you have curbside recycling questions, please call 457-6405 or send an email using the following link: Email

Recycling--What You Should Know--Click here for more information

How to  recycle electronics and other non-curbside items

           Electronics Disposal
What happens to our recyclables after they’re picked up?
Video of Materials Recovery Facility from MPR News
Recycling Tow Hook--Click here for more information

Interested in one of these cart pullers for getting your recycling cart (or your trash container) out to the end of your driveway?  We have some tow hooks available for $15.00  All you need is a vehicle with a ball hitch.

You can stop by Winona County Environmental Services, 225 W. 2nd Street in Winona and pick one up today.
Electronics Recycling
Multi-Family Recycling
Apartment buildings with 10 units or more can receive a special pick up instead of using the curbside service. Call 457-6405 for more information.
Private Recycling Companies
Programs and Funding

Residential Curbside Recycling Collection is one of the solid waste programs operated by Winona County for its residents, and funded through the Solid Waste Fund. 
Other solid waste programs include:
  •   Multi-family Housing Recycling Collection
  •   Commercial Recycling Collection for Institutions & Licensed Food Handlers
  •   Household Hazardous Waste Program (Hazardous Waste Disposal Services for residents)
  • Very Small Quantity Generator Program (Hazardous Waste Disposal Services for small businesses)
  • Annual Appliance, Tire and Fluorescent Bulb Collections
  • Special Event Collections
                In addition, the solid waste funds support the following services:
                 Licensing of garbage haulers and solid waste/recycling facilities
                 Handling of complaints regarding open burning and illegal disposal of garbage
                 Administration of Solid Waste Plan and Ordinances
The primary sources of revenue for the Solid Waste Fund are: 
1.        a $16 annual parcel fee
2.        a 12% surcharge on hauler bills; and
3.        SCORE funds from the State of Minnesota